Spearfishing One Day Training

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Become an efficient Aquatic Hunter in 1 comprehensive day!

  • NO experience required!
  • Make your first step into the silent world of breath hold hunting
  • Start your Spearfishing Journey from basic theory and dry skills training to underwater Target practice, up to challenging Blue Water FAD’s hunting!
  • With the assistance of our experienced instructors develop your Spearfishing skillset in the safest way possible!
We hold our Spearfishing Courses at our Freediving Centre in Amed, the diving paradise on the north-east coast of Bali, the crystal clear deep waters and rich marine life close to shore are perfect for learning to hunt underwater.  This idyllic costal town is the perfect getaway to see another part of the Balinese experience. We provide discount air-conditioned transport and accommodation and delicious local meals for your course -  letting you relax on your Freedive  Spearfishing Adventure.