Freediving Intro

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Fusion Introduction to Freediving

At Fusion Freediving, we offer an Introduction to Freediving course which comprises of some condensed elements of the Level 1 course and serves as a great way to sample what its like to be a freediver. This course is scheduled to run over a single day and to offer a high quality, safe and rewarding experience as an introduction to freediving. Some of the fundamental knowledge and skills required to get a feel for Freediving will be covered.

We hold this course at our Freediving Centre in Amed, the diving paradise on the north-east coast of Bali, the crystal clear deep waters and rich marine life close to shore are perfect for learning freediving. There are no real prerequisites to signing up for our intro courses, although the ability to swim is a basic skill that is needed.

The course fee is USD 120, which includes:

  • Introduction to Freediving Course
  • All professional freediving specific equipment
  • Lunch and Water


We offer discounts of the above price. These apply to group bookings, multiple course bookings and repeat customers. Bring a friend and save some money!

All you need is your Swimwear, Sandals, Sunscreen and a Towel

*If you have any of your own freediving equipment, we welcome you to bring it along for use.

Day 1

09:00 to 16:00 

  • Introductions and sign ups
  • Theory session 1: Equipment, Physiology, Diaphragmatic breathing, Freediving basic principles.
  • Breathing and relaxation, breath hold coaching, intro to breath holding
  • Lunch, inclusive of course fee
  • Open water session - basic freediving skills: equalisation, body position, finning, duck-dives, safety; short fun dive on the reef.
  • Finish

Our Introductory courses are delivered by our team of experienced multinational instructors who are all professionally certified. The team at Fusion will strive to tailor make or modify courses appropriately in order to meet the students’ desires.

For our freediving courses, we offer an optional freediving-specific license from the Molchanov Freediving Agency. For a Molchanov certification, we charge an additional 500k IDR, which can be paid at the end of your course.

Molchanov is a Russian freediving system that was launched in 2010 by one of the freediving world record holders, Alexey Molchanov. Being a member of this freediving agency has perks, such as access to its base training app, which includes weekly training and stretching routines specific to freedivers. It also provides access to its freediving forum with thousands of other active freedivers.