3 Days Spearfishing Level 1

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Spearfishing Level One Basic


  • Become an efficient Aquatic Hunter in 3 Days!
  • Cruise the Balinese waters with a 9 m traditional boat
  • Dive into the best fishing spots
  • Come face to face with some of the most amazing fish
  • Save 15% - $80 USD with this package!

The course runs for 3 days and offers a unique experience in the world of spearfishing. Our professional instructors will make you familiar with the tools and skills needed to become the silent hunter of the deep. During this course you will learn to control your body with your breathing, move through the water in the most efficient and silent way and how to prepare and shoot a speargun.

The last day you will take a boat trip and find yourself in some of the best fishing spots armed not only with your spear but with skill and knowledge that will help you earn your lunch.

We are based in the Fusion Freediving Center in Amed where we can chill out, watch the day's videos and have our lunch prepared by our famous cook.